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"elenor rosevelt was a girl? i thought that was the president"

well here i am sittin in 3rd hour. printing stuff for a paper. but i have everything printed out. go me. i just went to get me english class switched. that was a mess. i was called lazy and he told me that i just want to switch classes to get out of the test. now tell me? why would i drop for an entire year just so i don't need to take one class. hmmm. beond me. but i called mom and had her fax over a note to say i need to be switched. i have it to him and he said to come in before 5th hour so i can have my new class. i love mrs. devine and mrs rikena. they helped me out last hour. and i hung out with mrs devine because i was so pissed off. she was liek yea. i still concider you one of my own. i was like awww. i miss that family. i want to see the boys. i think they are in like 8th grade now. wow. i remember when they were in 3rd grade, well its like with cheslea and joe. i rember when they were in 2nd and 3rd. long time agos. things seem to be getting better. weight it beginging to be lifted off my shoulders. which is a very good thing, very very good. hehehe. 3 and a half day weekend this week. yay! i think people are coming over friday afternoon to just chillin if anyone wants to join, you are welcome. not sure whats on the adgenda for the weekend. i want to go to a haunted house. anyone want to go with me!! i've never been and really really want to. Saturday is my last day of working on saturday mornings. thats cool. no more gettin up really early. which is a good thing. now me and jayme can get up and go to IHOP for breakfast one morning. lol. inside joke. Physiology next hour. i think we are doing a lab. i hope. i want to dicect something. diceting a cat is our 2nd semester final. i don't know if i like that idea or not. hmm.. but how many people cansay they did that? well bells gunna ring in a few. l8
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Nice subject. Who said that?