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Remeber that timein highschool you said u wouldn't date me in a million years? Its getting closer.

Friday- came home from school with jayme and jeff to find out my keys were layin on the table. shit! so we left went runnin around 4 a while until mom got home. alex was too excited to see jeff. so we hung out inside 4 a while. drew really amusing pictures and alex and jeff beat the hell outta each other. then they left. so i cleaned my room since i couldn't go out till it was. so jayme, jeff, mike and jamie came over. i made no fight to have front seat last night becase some dipshit left the window down during school *coughjeffcough* and it poured all day! so we left and went to the football game. saw a bunch of people. left at halftime because it was tooo cold! we were winning 20 to 0 shocking and bob was homecoming king! bout time a non-self centered person won. so after the football game we went to subway. lol jayme didn't start anything. and i was already outside but i guess she said hi to her and there was no blood shed. good thing! so we left and went to walgreen still decding what to do and finally we just went to the show because jeff would not shut up about anything except goin to the show. and he was annoying as hell last night. me and mike were gettin pissed cuz he kept turning up the damn radio and switchin stations constantily. anyway... off to the show! got there and talked to some people. found out that we won the football game. watched mears get the hell beat outta him. talked to kyle, ryon, hana and her friend diane i think it was. god im terrible. i'm suprise i can still remember mine. so we hung out there then left about 11. on the way home me and jamie sang the entire way. but it was all pop ghetto. mike was gagin and jeff was just lookin at us. god that was fun. so we came back to my house. played pool. i played the winner out of jeff and mike. wow i suck. but i won like 3 times becasue jeff decided that if u make the 8 ball u can put it back on the table because it doesn't count. ha. so they all left around midnight, so i got on the computer. talked to a few people and went to bed cuz i had to work. in the morning.

saturday- worked, cleaned house all day, then went ou. woooo to much fun. so me and jayme went to the mall. she got a hoodie, and i saw my old cheerleading coach. haha. so we left and went to beckys but she wasn't hpome. so we are like hmmm since everyone is at homecoming what shall we do. I KNOW! subway. so we went and got sum food. talked to meghan. she seems cool. and as we were talkin jayme was liek yea we should call in a bomb threat to hoemocming, and there was a cop sittin right there so we werelike fuck!! we left there and off to one world. hung out there with some cool people then they left to go get a hotel room. so we were off to joes house. hung out there watched an info mercial and laughed through the whole thing. then we left and we runnin around. off to krogers. got tampons eggs and TP. some fun fun fun times. after that joes dad picked him up at SnS and we talked to jamie jodie matt and some other people. then a bunch of central kids came from homecoming and talked to them for afwe then left. fun time fun times

sunday - cleaned, watched amreican dreams, hung out
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