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"I don't give out my name on the internet, for all i know your name could be Gary and be 36"

wow.. i haven't wriiten in a real long time, no energy to i guess

i hurt my knee again, not as bad though. i was at work and i leaned down to get somethin and when i stood up i threw my knee out of place, i had to miss 3 days of school which puts my days up to 6 so i take finals. i'm pissed but its ok. i was on crutches for a week and i only need to use them for long
periods of time when i'll be walking. its feeling ok, but it starts throbbing after a while.

last night was fun, show was awesome, saw people i haven't seen in a while. others seemed to be having a bad night and being very anti-social. but i imagine they had their reasons so i won't say anything

tonight was fun. me jayme and jamie went and saw Friday after next. it was halarious. saw kelly and damon when we were leaving. haven't seen them in while. they left us for college. then we wentto steak and shake then came back here. lauren and caleb came over too and the 5 of us argued about what to get each other for christmas. didn't get anywhere. lol

tommorow will be boring. i gotta go to work at some point and jayme is coming over to watch American Dreams. she is coming over early so we can watch the one from 2 weeks ago because people came over and caused probkems and talked so we couldn't watch it.
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