dani (blondie041886) wrote,

"wanna know how it would be easier to drive?" "umm drive sober?"

today was alright. went back to school. got my grades
algebra - either an A or B
child dev - B
Physiology - C (don't ask how i pulled that off)
english - F
history - B
i aruged that damn hisory grade for a long ass time. but i sitll have a B. but its ok. meh. so went to school. talked to my counsler about droppin my enriched english. he told me to talk to my teacher, who is also his wife. she blew me off. i'l ltalk to him again in the morning.

got home and hung out with jayme. worked. came hgome and my mom was playin a racin game on PS2. its was extemely amusining. did homework and now sitting here.

FYI: sorry if i was a bitch or seemed antisocial to anyone today or in the future. i'm have kinda a bad week and it is gettoin better.
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