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Sunday, March 30, 2003


i got a new journal


add me

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Wednesday, March 5, 2003


i've decided a certain person needs to go to school before another certain person gets on the computers and changed all your attendance.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2003


well, after the events of this weekend i feel the need to post about them. three major events happened

a) jamie made out with a 14 year old
b) i don't think i've seen anyone person fall as many times in 20 minutes as jayme did
c) jodie is an extremely friendly drunk

god that was some amusing shit. met some damn cool people this weekend... it was an all around good weekend

david's moving to california. i wonder if i will get a farewell call. i'm doubting it.

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Monday, February 17, 2003


after giving the little brother a swirly, i think i may be able to say that my life is complete

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Saturday, February 8, 2003


for the past month, central is having a word or phrase of the day to boost our SAT score. while sitting in algebra thursday and listening to the amount of ebonics spoken i've decided to have a ebonics work of phrase of the day.

Thursday's word
homie - friend, companion, someone who stays at your house for free

Friday's word
hot mess - ugly, terrible looking, someone who doesn't care about his or her looks

Today's word
Playa - someone who cheats on multiple people at the same time to receive money, clothes, cars or something else of that matter.

Current mood: blah
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Sunday, January 12, 2003


friday while i was paging 2nd hour i stopped at a window and looked at the snow for a while. i thought how can something that seems so perfect reek so much havoc on things. but maybe you can't trust things too perfect

i've been doing a lot of thinking lately. analizing my life. i guess at this point i'm lost. its as if every memory has some sort of downfall to it. i wish things could go back around a year ago. i didn't realize it then. but things weren't bad. they were good actually. i felt like i was actually being listening too and cared about. yea.. i know... people care about me. but its a different type of care i think. i hate change. but not all. i hate when people change and leave others behind. there is so much to say yet it can't come out. when it comes out i end up sounding conceded or a bitch.

i've been thinking about 8th grade a lot lately. thinking back trying to change things in my mind then wondering if it would have changed any of the future. i think if i hadn't, been at st phil's and didn't go though everything would i be different. i was never depressed until then and now i think that maybe if i wouldn't have gone there then maybe i would need to battle depression. 8th grade triggered it and now i feel like that it still holds me by the tag of my shirt. barely there, yet still hanging on tight. on the 27th hopefully things will get better, yet i'm trying to pin hopes on it. i'm not trying to rely on it. but i'm still praying that it will.

Current mood: melancholy
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Monday, December 16, 2002

8:48PM - Public Service Announcement

I'm havin a Christmas Party saturday night. starts around 7 or so. movies, pool, what not. welcome to bring what ya want. if you need a ride or need info or directions (not that hard to find the house, look for the giant snowman) call me 686-6478

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Saturday, December 7, 2002

8:19PM - "You make the movies? what do you left,left,up, square, circle to give them head?"

dude this house is halarious. not my house though. lauren. joe played retard for like 45 minutes then ran outside in front of a car while singing. this night will prove eventful and people aren't even drunk yet. haha. i'll write more about it later.

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Christmas spirt called in to questionCollapse )

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Sunday, December 1, 2002

12:16AM - "I don't give out my name on the internet, for all i know your name could be Gary and be 36"

wow.. i haven't wriiten in a real long time, no energy to i guess

i hurt my knee again, not as bad though. i was at work and i leaned down to get somethin and when i stood up i threw my knee out of place, i had to miss 3 days of school which puts my days up to 6 so i take finals. i'm pissed but its ok. i was on crutches for a week and i only need to use them for long
periods of time when i'll be walking. its feeling ok, but it starts throbbing after a while.

last night was fun, show was awesome, saw people i haven't seen in a while. others seemed to be having a bad night and being very anti-social. but i imagine they had their reasons so i won't say anything

tonight was fun. me jayme and jamie went and saw Friday after next. it was halarious. saw kelly and damon when we were leaving. haven't seen them in while. they left us for college. then we wentto steak and shake then came back here. lauren and caleb came over too and the 5 of us argued about what to get each other for christmas. didn't get anywhere. lol

tommorow will be boring. i gotta go to work at some point and jayme is coming over to watch American Dreams. she is coming over early so we can watch the one from 2 weeks ago because people came over and caused probkems and talked so we couldn't watch it.

Current mood: disappointed
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Wednesday, November 20, 2002


Which Harry Potter Candy are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

What House are you at Hogwarts? Harry Potter!

brought to you by Quizilla

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

10:26PM - Oh My GOD! i got a strike and my ass is hanging out of my tight black pants too!!!

i got an email. this girl who has cancer wrote a poem. it was a good poem don't get me wrong. but at the end. it said ACS will donate 3 cents for every person you foward this too. and then he proceed to say this one guy sent it to 500 people.
1. how the hell would they track the names
2. If the man who made this email wrote that the guy fowarded it to 500 people. its inpossible. It can't be fowarded before it was made.

god i hate lame internet chain letters. omg omg if u don't send this in 7 seconds you will die from anthrax and your left boob will fall off. people need a life

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

9:49PM - You people. You are freaks, you scare me.

well not to much has been goin on. so i figure why waste your guy's time with mindless babble.this weekend shouls be fun. rocky horror picture show tommorow night. i'm excited!! jamie and jodie are dressin up with me. but jayme isn't LOSER! i know what i want for christmas. it is ojne of the greatest things. its an elmo dressed in a chicken suit and sings "Elmo wants to be a chicken, Elmo wants to be a duck, QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!!" dude its great. i was singing it all day. ahhaha woo. well i'm gunan go. that was just a post to let you know i am alive

Current mood: discontent
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Sunday, October 20, 2002


name = danielle
x. birthday = 04/18/86
x. piercings = ears
x. tattoos = none
x. height = 5'7
x. shoe size = 9
x. hair color = red
x. length = past my shoulders

x. movie you rented = can't remember
x. movie you bought = School House Rock
x. song you listened to = Makes No Difference - Sum 41
x. song that was stuck in your head = Heatwave thank you jayme
x. song you've downloaded = either caleb or jayme downingt a shit load of songs tonight
x. cd you bought = i don't buy CD's i make them
x. cd you listened to = My awesomes punpkins CD's Caleb made me
x. person you've called = lauren
x. person that's called you = jayme
x. person you were thinking of = bill cuz i was just talking to him

x. you have a bf or gf = no
x. you have a crush on someone = kinda
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = yeah
x. you think about suicide = at times depending on day and mood
x. you believe in online dating = not really
x. others find you attractive = prob not
x. you want more piercings = i want my tounge and belly
x. you want more tattoos = i want to smashing pumpkins heart on my hip
x. you drink = not really
x. you do drugs = no
x. you like cleaning = depends
x. you like roller coasters = yea
x. you write in cursive or print = print
x. you carry a donor card = my liscence

for or against
x. long distance relationships = for
x. using someone = against
x. suicide = shouldn't but can't be pissed at people 4 thinkin about it
x. killing people = against
x. teenage smoking = bad habit
x. doing drugs = i don't like it but i'm not gunna get pissed if u do
x. premarital sex = their decision
x. driving drunk = AGAINST
x. gay/lesbian relationships = for
x. soap operas = some are dumb as hell

x. food = lebanese
x. song = Zero
x. thing to do = hang out with my friends
x. thing to talk about = whatever comes up
x. sports = baseball
x. drinks = code red
x. clothes = anything
x. movies = sixteen candles
x. band = smashing pumpkins
x. holiday = halloween and christmas
x. cars = mustangs, celica, honda

have you...
x. ever cried over a girl or guy = to many timesa
x. ever lied to someone = yeah
x. ever been in a fist fight = not technically
x. ever been arrested = not yet

x. shampoo do you use = Color Vive by Loreal
x. perfume do you use = Clinque Happy
x. shoes do you wear = sandles
x. are you scared of = lots

x. of times I have had my heart broken?: 2
x. of hearts I have broken?: i don't think any
x. of times I have been in love: 1
x. of boys I have kissed?: jayem count! haha
x. of girls I have kissed?: a few, but not like makin outand shit
x. of continents I have lived in?: 1
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: a few not alot but a few
x. of people I consider my enemies?: none really, but theres a hella lotta people that hate me
x. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with?: still in highschool
x. of cd's that I own?: i had a ton then ii got like 40 stole out of my car
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 2
x. of scars on my body?: 3 from knee surgery 1 from the oven and 2 from bikeing
x. of things in my past that I regret?: a good few

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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

9:20PM - "No person is that dumb" "Yea they can be" "I AM NOT THAT DUMB"

meh weekend was fun. friday was probally the best. monday was opk though. Jayme came over and we watched American Dreams. then went to the mall and hung out blah blah blah. today went to schoo. boring. afterschool i went and picked up alex then droped him off, got my check went to the bank, christian center to sign alex up for basketball and went to krogers. saw chris. was really nice acually. talked to him for a few minuted then went to work, came home and here i am. bored. wow. i really with American Dreams was on like every other night. that would be really godd cuz i'm like addicted to it!!

Current mood: contemplative
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Monday, October 14, 2002


I see: the screen
I want: cash
I have: to go to school tommorow
I wish: we had tommorow off too
I love: sleep
I hate: people that yell down the hall way in a really loud voice right in your ear
I miss: that show daria, i want to see it really bad
I fear: the wind *hides under car*
I feel: hurt cuz my toe hurts really bad
I hear: Sev
I smell: soap cuz i justed washed my hands
I crave: coffee
I wonder: what i'm doing tonight
I regret: taking enriched english. its fucked up my GPA


Smiled? a few minutes ago
Laughed? at laurens
Cried? few days ago
Bought something? last night at baskin robbins
Danced? in the car
Were sarcastic? like 5 minutes ago
Kissed someone? lauren this morning
Watched your favorite movie? a week or two ago
Had a nightmare? a few months ago


Last book you read: I'm reading lies my teacher told me
Last movie you saw: fast and furious
Last song you heard: Sev Same old song
Last thing you had to drink: water
Last time you showered: this morning
Last thing you ate: a pretzle


Smoke? kinda
Drink? no
Sleep with stuffed animals? yea
Live in the moment? yes
Have a dream that keeps coming back? sometimes
Play an instrument? guitar, barely
Believe there's life on other planets? yea
Remember your first love? oh yea
Read the newspaper? yeah
Have any gay or lesbian friends? yup
Believe in miracles? yep
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? yeah
Consider yourself tolerant of others? some
Consider love a mistake? nope
Like the taste of alcohol? some
Have a favorite candy? twizzlers
Have any secrets? yes
Have any pets? my dog and my brother


Do well in school? oh yea! 3B 1C and 1D, but there is a reason behind that D
Go to or plan to go to college? the methodist med school
Talk to strangers who instant message you? sometimes
Wear hats? sometimes
Have any piercings? yes
Have any tattoos? i wish
Hate yourself? nope
Collect anything? glasses
Have a best friend? yeah
Like your handwriting? yea
Have any bad habits? yea

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Wednesday, October 9, 2002

10:37AM - "elenor rosevelt was a girl? i thought that was the president"

well here i am sittin in 3rd hour. printing stuff for a paper. but i have everything printed out. go me. i just went to get me english class switched. that was a mess. i was called lazy and he told me that i just want to switch classes to get out of the test. now tell me? why would i drop for an entire year just so i don't need to take one class. hmmm. beond me. but i called mom and had her fax over a note to say i need to be switched. i have it to him and he said to come in before 5th hour so i can have my new class. i love mrs. devine and mrs rikena. they helped me out last hour. and i hung out with mrs devine because i was so pissed off. she was liek yea. i still concider you one of my own. i was like awww. i miss that family. i want to see the boys. i think they are in like 8th grade now. wow. i remember when they were in 3rd grade, well its like with cheslea and joe. i rember when they were in 2nd and 3rd. long time agos. things seem to be getting better. weight it beginging to be lifted off my shoulders. which is a very good thing, very very good. hehehe. 3 and a half day weekend this week. yay! i think people are coming over friday afternoon to just chillin if anyone wants to join, you are welcome. not sure whats on the adgenda for the weekend. i want to go to a haunted house. anyone want to go with me!! i've never been and really really want to. Saturday is my last day of working on saturday mornings. thats cool. no more gettin up really early. which is a good thing. now me and jayme can get up and go to IHOP for breakfast one morning. lol. inside joke. Physiology next hour. i think we are doing a lab. i hope. i want to dicect something. diceting a cat is our 2nd semester final. i don't know if i like that idea or not. hmm.. but how many people cansay they did that? well bells gunna ring in a few. l8

Current mood: okay
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Tuesday, October 8, 2002

10:08PM - "wanna know how it would be easier to drive?" "umm drive sober?"

today was alright. went back to school. got my grades
algebra - either an A or B
child dev - B
Physiology - C (don't ask how i pulled that off)
english - F
history - B
i aruged that damn hisory grade for a long ass time. but i sitll have a B. but its ok. meh. so went to school. talked to my counsler about droppin my enriched english. he told me to talk to my teacher, who is also his wife. she blew me off. i'l ltalk to him again in the morning.

got home and hung out with jayme. worked. came hgome and my mom was playin a racin game on PS2. its was extemely amusining. did homework and now sitting here.

FYI: sorry if i was a bitch or seemed antisocial to anyone today or in the future. i'm have kinda a bad week and it is gettoin better.

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Monday, October 7, 2002

9:00PM - Remeber that timein highschool you said u wouldn't date me in a million years? Its getting closer.

Friday- came home from school with jayme and jeff to find out my keys were layin on the table. shit! so we left went runnin around 4 a while until mom got home. alex was too excited to see jeff. so we hung out inside 4 a while. drew really amusing pictures and alex and jeff beat the hell outta each other. then they left. so i cleaned my room since i couldn't go out till it was. so jayme, jeff, mike and jamie came over. i made no fight to have front seat last night becase some dipshit left the window down during school *coughjeffcough* and it poured all day! so we left and went to the football game. saw a bunch of people. left at halftime because it was tooo cold! we were winning 20 to 0 shocking and bob was homecoming king! bout time a non-self centered person won. so after the football game we went to subway. lol jayme didn't start anything. and i was already outside but i guess she said hi to her and there was no blood shed. good thing! so we left and went to walgreen still decding what to do and finally we just went to the show because jeff would not shut up about anything except goin to the show. and he was annoying as hell last night. me and mike were gettin pissed cuz he kept turning up the damn radio and switchin stations constantily. anyway... off to the show! got there and talked to some people. found out that we won the football game. watched mears get the hell beat outta him. talked to kyle, ryon, hana and her friend diane i think it was. god im terrible. i'm suprise i can still remember mine. so we hung out there then left about 11. on the way home me and jamie sang the entire way. but it was all pop ghetto. mike was gagin and jeff was just lookin at us. god that was fun. so we came back to my house. played pool. i played the winner out of jeff and mike. wow i suck. but i won like 3 times becasue jeff decided that if u make the 8 ball u can put it back on the table because it doesn't count. ha. so they all left around midnight, so i got on the computer. talked to a few people and went to bed cuz i had to work. in the morning.

saturday- worked, cleaned house all day, then went ou. woooo to much fun. so me and jayme went to the mall. she got a hoodie, and i saw my old cheerleading coach. haha. so we left and went to beckys but she wasn't hpome. so we are like hmmm since everyone is at homecoming what shall we do. I KNOW! subway. so we went and got sum food. talked to meghan. she seems cool. and as we were talkin jayme was liek yea we should call in a bomb threat to hoemocming, and there was a cop sittin right there so we werelike fuck!! we left there and off to one world. hung out there with some cool people then they left to go get a hotel room. so we were off to joes house. hung out there watched an info mercial and laughed through the whole thing. then we left and we runnin around. off to krogers. got tampons eggs and TP. some fun fun fun times. after that joes dad picked him up at SnS and we talked to jamie jodie matt and some other people. then a bunch of central kids came from homecoming and talked to them for afwe then left. fun time fun times

sunday - cleaned, watched amreican dreams, hung out

Current mood: melancholy
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Saturday, October 5, 2002


hahaha me and jayme and joe are watching a info-mercial on the revo styler. dude so funny. jayme was like OOO your hair is so beautiful, lets make out.

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